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REV Birmingham > Footsoldiers Monument National Design Competition

Footsoldiers Monument National Design Competition

The 1963 Birmingham Campaign was a watershed moment in the American Civil Rights Movement. The televised movement seared the nonviolent stand of African American men, women and children against racial and social injustice into the national and global consciousness. Under the leadership of local civil rights pioneer Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and national civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., these “Foot Soldiers” crowded the streets of Birmingham, challenging America to live up its promises to them in the U.S. Constitution. Birmingham ‘63 also inspired the hearts of people nationally and abroad who were locked in similar struggles for civil and human rights.

In 2013, the city will celebrate the 50th Anniversaryof the 1963 Birmingham Civil Rights Campaign. It will also commemorate its place in world history through: (1.) Completion of the local Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail, a system of more than 200 interpretive signs with life-sized photographs of the movement inserted into the streets where the 1963 Campaign occurred in five districts citywide; (2.)Launch a regional Civil Rights/Kinship Cities Traveling Exhibition, called “Taking History to the Streets”, and (3.)Deliver “Empowerment Week” starting September 11, 2013 with a National Conference on Civil Rights called “50 Scholars Speak on the 50th” and ending September 15, 2013, with the 50th commemoration of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church and the display of the winning entry for this Design Competition.

The Birmingham Mayor’s Office/Special Projects and REV Birmingham’s Community Affairs Committee invite Architects, Artists and Designers to download the full program description and register today.

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Registration deadline has been extended to July 1.

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